Personal commentary on the hate mail PGNH has received about our “Christie Watch” article

 [Posted Tuesday, August 6, 2013, at 2:30 p.m.] 

By Sam Cohen, Pro-Gun New Hampshire Executive Vice President and CEO

Sam Cohen 2012 

I’d like to offer an expanded version, with my personal commentary, of our previously published article, “NRA and PGNH receive death threats over ‘Christie Watch’”:  


As we wrote in the August 3 update to the article “Tell this potential Republican candidate for President that New Hampshire voters are watching him!,” our notice about New Jersey Governor (and potential presidential candidate) Chris Christie has “gone viral,” generating major news reports on state (New Jersey), national, and even international (Reuters) news sites.  The article urged voters in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation Republican presidential primary election to see if Christie vetoes New Jersey gun control legislation.

Here at Pro-Gun New Hampshire, we’ve received many messages of thanks for the article, largely from residents of New Jersey.  In fact, though, any effect our campaign may have on New Jersey gun legislation is secondary; while New Hampshire would love to help the long-suffering residents of that oppressed state (with arguably the worst gun laws in the country), the purpose of the article is to notify New Hampshire residents about Governor Christie’s attitude toward Second Amendment rights should he decide to run for President, because New Hampshire holds the nation’s first presidential primary elections, and therefore has influence on the presidential primaries in other states.  The country has suffered long enough under an anti-rights, anti-freedom presidential administration; it would be a horrifying surprise if the country voted in a president they expected to cure that problem only to end up with a continuation of attacks against people’s rights and liberty.  As we say in the article, if you want to see what kind of president Christie would be, watch what he does as governor.

On the other side, there are messages (and phone calls!) from those who are well-meaning but misinformed, or people who have been brainwashed since childhood (now a generational problem thanks to the Marxist journalism schools responsible for NBC/CBS/ABC/NYT), or the just plain stupid.  Here are two representative examples, one of which includes death threats!  Our attorney is considering forwarding the death threat messages to the FBI.  (By the way, all the “love letter” writers who identify their politics say that they’re Democrats – but Pro-Gun New Hampshire is firmly bi-partisan politically, with both Republican and Democrat legislators and former legislators in our leadership.)   

Because there is no expectation of privacy on the internet, we’re publishing the email addresses of the writers.  If any Pro-Gun New Hampshire members care to educate these people, it’s important to keep our organization’s bylaws in mind:

Article III: Statement of Principles

Within Pro-Gun New Hampshire, all levels of the organization shall operate on the basis of honorable conduct, mutual trust, integrity, and fraternity.

Both the organization as a whole and its individual members shall further endeavor to maintain the highest standards of mature and honorable conduct in all dealings with those outside the organization, including public officials, other organizations, and the general public.

Here’s sample “love letter” number 1:

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
Sent: Sunday, August 04, 2013 12:16 PM
Subject: [Message to Pro-Gun New Hampshire] “Sam Cohen”

[This message was addressed to me because I was briefly interviewed for, and quoted in, the Reuters article.]

Howard Cohen sent a message using the contact form at

As a registered Democrat, and certainly not an avid supporter of Chris Christie, I abhor his [sic – he means “Sam Cohen’s”] threat to the NJ governor about his possible stance on gun control. [Threat? What threat? – SC] When viewing all the daily gun violence in this country and mocking all the gun rights advocates who see any sort of gun control as a threat to their second amendment rights, I can only hope that Mr. Cohen, and he shares my last name, has a personal tragedy involving guns. Then perhaps he will somewhat modify his positions. The Second Amendment is outdated, irrelevant and sorely in need of repeal. Nobody back in the 1700's could have possibly envisioned the type of weaponry, size of our population and composition of our current society when they drafted that legislation. Their main purpose was to prevent government anarchy and unlawful impingement on civil rights and property seizure. If you actually feel that this is still a viable threat, you should be transported to a psychiatric facility to deal with your  paranoia. I strongly feel that the only way all you self righteous gun advocates might alter your perceptions is in the presence of a personal tragedy involving a gun event. I sincerely wish that some deranged individual would take a legal assault weapon and shoot up the office and personnel of the NRA. They exert too much power in our country and require extermination. That's all I can say MR. COHEN.


Hooboy.  This guy is so screwed up, I wouldn’t know where to start in a reply.  Aside from the juvenile death threats, though (why is it always the anti-rights people who think like that?  Don’t anti-gun people claim they abhor violence?), his message exemplifies many of the others we’ve received from people who are so used to living in fear that they can’t imagine what freedom is like, and they parrot ridiculous – and easily disproved – anti-liberty propaganda.  They also assume that the rest of the country is just like New Jersey, and that almost everyone hates guns – because they’re good only for killing people, and too scary and dangerous and complicated for ordinary men and women to use to defend against muggers, rapists, and murderers, don’tcha know, and that’s what police are for anyway.  (You know, the police who are only minutes away when seconds count.)  A common argument is that New Hampshire doesn’t have crime-ridden dangerous population centers the way New Jersey does, so we in New Hampshire (and other parts of the country) can’t understand why gun control is such a groovy idea.  Really.  How about “Criminals ignore laws – that’s why they’re criminals – but if you let lawful people have the means of self-defense, so the criminals are more afraid to attack, there won’t be crime-ridden dangerous population centers”?  Nah.  That’s crazy talk.  (See, this is why I bang my head against the wall.)

It’s easy to laugh off stuff like this, but the sad part is that so many other people – including, unfortunately, some here in New Hampshire – just don’t get it, and are wrong in so many ways.  For example, they think that ordinary people become twitchy kill-crazy lunatics when they pick up a gun (whereas people actually become more responsible when they’re armed), that self-defense guns are purchased just to kill people (whereas the actual value of an armed population is to deter criminals – because criminals want only defenseless victims – and most defensive gun use succeeds with only display, not shooting), and that there’s blood on the streets at fender-benders and Wild West shootouts at bars when a state reduces gun control and legalizes concealed carry (whereas exactly the opposite always happens).  They also know that it’s big, tough uneducated men (with small penises, of course) who buy guns, when in reality the fastest-growing population of gun owners is women who want to defend themselves. One of the best essays I can recall reading – one that I wish could be poured into the minds of these people – is one written by Larry Correia at  (I’m envious; I wish I had been smart enough to have written it.)

Whew!  OK, here’s sample love letter number 2:

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2013 7:34 PM
Subject: [Message to Pro-Gun New Hampshire] "Christie"

 jck f sent a message using the contact form at

As  resident of NJ who happens to be for reasonable gun control I'm curious
who the f***
[Obscenity redacted] you people think you are to be
interfering in the NJ governor's race with your threats/


Words fail me.  But I’ll soldier on and mention this:  Every time I hear the hackneyed old propaganda phrase “reasonable gun control,” or the word “compromise,” I imagine a mugger who takes only half your money.

As long as I’m editorializing, let me continue with what I wrote earlier about women and guns.  Gun stores and firearms trainers report that more women than ever are taking responsibility for defending themselves and their families, and that women make up an ever-increasing proportion of first-time gun buyers.  That’s great, and it’s about time.  This is what I wrote in the last century (I’m almost ten, in dog years):

I've always maintained that the highest priority of the freedom movement is to reach out to women.

As a practical matter, women are over half the voters in this country. As a moral matter, women need Samuel Colt's "equalizers" more than anyone else.  As an intellectual matter, it drives me nuts that so many women buy into anti-self-defense propaganda that essentially has them saying "rob me beat me rape me kill me, and then do the same to my children, because I could NEVER touch one of those horrible guns."

The collectivist, anti-freedom people have been shamelessly deceptive, preying on women's protective instincts to steer them into this kind of thinking. We HAVE TO reverse this process.

I urge people to join the national organization, Second Amendment Sisters (  They accept men as well as women.  (I’m a long-term “Sasterbro.”)

Oh, and as for Howard Cohen (the writer of the first letter, above)?  As I told another Cohen, a former NH state senator named Burt Cohen – whose draconian anti-gun bill was soundly stomped into the ground in 2001 – six million of his relatives, and mine, were slaughtered because their government told them that they didn’t need to protect themselves with guns.  I hope Howard Cohen takes a look at, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  Or has he forgotten “Never again”?

There you have it, two examples of the kind of “love letters” we’ve been getting.  Be assured, though, that there have been many, many more messages and calls of the opposite kind, as well as reports, both public and private, of people who are spreading the word.  Let’s hope that ideas like the “Christie Watch” catch on throughout the country.

RKBA!  …The exclamation point stands for “Shall not be infringed(!)”