My Crystal Ball on Gun Control -- by Evan F. Nappen, Esq.


Editor's introduction, February 16, 2009: Pro-Gun New Hampshire normally focuses on New Hampshire state legislation, but there has been a lot of "buzz" lately about Congress's HR45, the Blair Holt federal bill, which would require all guns and gun owners to be licensed, and a lot worse.  We believe that the panic over HR45 is premature, in that the bill has NO co-sponsors, and shouldn't go anywhere.  On the other hand, PGNH Director and Corporate Counsel Evan Nappen believes there may be a REAL threat at the federal level.



By Evan F. Nappen, Esq.


Swami Evan looks into his crystal ball and what does he see as the most immediate threat to gun owners? It is NOT the anti-gunners "dancing in blood" of Blair Holt to push for national gun licensing and other extreme measures. It is NOT the renewal of the failed 1994 Assault Weapon Ban. It is NOT even the McCain-backed "Gun Show Loophole" fix. Although any or all of these might eventually be a fight, the real, immediate risk is an Executive Order "Gun Ban" by Obama.

On Thursday, February 12, Congressman Eliot Engel, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, wrote a letter signed by 53 Members of Congress urging President Obama to "return to enforcement of the law banning imports of assault weapons, which was previously enforced during the administrations of Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton." The signings were led by Congressman Michael Castle (R-DE) and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)... Engel added that returning to enforcement of the imported assault weapons ban is "a no-brainer that would require no legislative action ... We ask that you direct ATF to act in accordance with the 1968 Gun Control Act and return to enforcing the ban on the import of all assault weapons, both those that are fully manufactured abroad as well as those imported as parts."  See:,216&lnk=b&ItemID=1580

This is a "no-brainer" for Obama and I believe he will do it shortly. Here is why:


1)      No legislative action required, so no legislator has to stand up and be counted. They all get political cover.

2)      The 53 congresscritters who signed the letter can proudly boast of it to their constituents.

3)      There is REPUBLICAN precedent for this, thanks to BUSH 41.

4)      It addresses the recent Mexico-getting-US-guns farce.

5)      It plays into the ATF's misleading statistics on gun traces and so-called crime guns.

6)      It makes believe he is doing something about crime and mass shootings.

7)      It actually helps domestic producers by cutting out cheaper imported parts guns. (Not that that would be a reason Obama would like it, but it is a reason the domestic makers are not going to squawk about it.)


I hope I'm wrong, but I bet I'm right. So, stock up now on Eastern Bloc goodies, they won't last long.