GOA Contradicts NHFC on Ovide Lamontagne

[Posted Tuesday, September 14, 2010, at 9:00 a.m.]

Here is what GOA (Gun Owners of America) has to say about Ovide Lamontagne:

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Ovide Lamontagne in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary for U.S. Senate.

Granite State gun owners need a reliable Second Amendment advocate to represent them in the Senate. Ovide Lamontagne will adamantly oppose the anti-gun schemes of leaders like President Obama and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. He will not act based upon media pressure and political expediency, but will stand up for the Founder's Second Amendment and the Constitution. 

Gun Owners of America encourages all sportsmen and gun rights supporters to vote for Ovide Lamontagne on Tuesday in the Republican primary.

Mr. Lamontagne earned an "A" rating from Gun Owners of America based on his unwavering support of the right to keep and bear arms. 

Source: http://www.goapvf.org/index.php/GOA-PVF-2010-Favorites/ovide-lamontagne-for-congress.htm

Here is what the NHFC (New Hampshire Firearms Coalition) has to say about Ovide Lamontagne:

Of particular importance is the race for United States Senate. Candidate Ovide Lamontagne has demonstrated his duplicity on the right to keep and bear arms.

Not only did he support legislation that would have eventually become a statewide gun ban, in the guise of creating so-called safe schools, but he continues to defend the flawed concept that prohibiting possession of firearms in any place will make that place safer.

NHFC graded Ovide Lamontagne an “F,” which NHFC says means:  Sponsors or promotes legislation hostile to 2nd Amendment civil rights.

[The first of the above three paragraphs is from NHFC's email to its members. The second is from their website, at: http://www.nhfc-ontarget.org/index.php?&p=Candidates10/&fn=2010_primary_grades.html ] 

So which “No Compromise” organization is misleading its followers?   Is Ovide Lamontagne an “A” or an “F”?  Does he demonstrate “duplicity on the right to keep and bear arms” as claimed by NHFC, or has he demonstrated “unwavering support of the right to keep and bear armsas claimed by GOA?

Both groups cannot be correct in their assessment. You decide.