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Pro-Gun New Hampshire (PGNH) fights not only for our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but also to preserve, protect, defend, and promote hunting, fishing, trapping, and the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

Today, over 180,000 people in New Hampshire have hunting, fishing, and/or trapping licenses, but there are others, including elected and appointed state government officials, who don’t recognize these traditional outdoor pursuits and the people who enjoy them.  Under the leadership of PGNH Sportsmen’s Coordinator Ken Kreis, Pro-Gun New Hampshire is organizing our state’s sportsmen and sportswomen into a powerful alliance to educate those officials about our views through communication, legislation, and ultimately, the ballot box.  Click here to learn more.


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Pro-Gun New Hampshire is a statewide membership organization that protects Second Amendment and sportsmen's rights within the state of New Hampshire. With a mature leadership of current and former state senators and representatives, police chiefs, and others respected by the legislature, we influence state legislation through the personal efforts and honorable conduct of our leadership and members.  WE ARE YOUR VOICE IN THE LEGISLATURE on gun laws and sportsmen's issues.  We hope that every pro-gun-rights person in the state will join PGNH, even if they belong to other groups as well; it's OK to get information from, and add your voice through, more than one channel. 

Life membership is just $20, with NO DUES after that one-time sign-up fee.  We can do this because we do not have to pay for printing and mailing newsletters; all member communication is via the internet.  Endowment membership is $50, and upgrades from Life to Endowment are $35. (Fees current as of 2/12/14.)  Membership names, email addresses, and other information are kept absolutely confidential. Members receive the appropriate lapel pin, plus a window sticker that goes INside your car's rear window and looks just like the PGNH logo at the top of this page.  We always have at least one, often two, generous gun raffles for members only. To learn how to join, click here.

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Pro-Gun New Hampshire co-founder and CEO retires

Pro-Gun New Hampshire co-founder and CEO retires

[Posted Monday, September 15, 2014, at 9:00 p.m.]

By Sam Cohen, (former) Pro-Gun New Hampshire Executive V.P. and Chief Executive Officer

NH Dept. of Safety has revised the resident pistol/revolver carry license application form

[Posted Friday, September 12, 2014, at 1:45 p.m.]

By Sam Cohen, Pro-Gun New Hampshire Executive V.P./CEO

NH state law RSA 159:6, “License to Carry,” instructs the director of the state police to prepare and distribute application forms for pistol/revolver licenses (to carry concealed).  Given the controversy over the version of the resident application form released last month (see http://pgnh.org/problems_and_misunderstanding_about_the_new_concealed_carry_application_form ), the New Hampshire Department of Safety (DOS) has revised it, and posted it on the state police website today, 9/12/14.  See http://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/nhsp/ssb/permitslicensing/documents/dssp85.pdf .

All three of the new (in August) questions were deleted, including the most controversial one — roughly, “has any government entity ever claimed that you were prohibited from possessing firearms?” (but how would you know?).  

Mike Briggs accepts position on the PGNH Board of Directors

Mike Briggs accepts position on the PGNH Board of Directors

[Posted Monday, September 8, 2014, at 10:45 a.m.; updated 9/8/14 at 3:40 p.m.]

With Pro-Gun New Hampshire founder the Honorable Elbert “Bick” Bicknell retiring from his position on the PGNH Board of Directors, long-serving PGNH Advisor Mike Briggs has accepted the Board’s offer to fill the newly open seat as the fifth corporate Director.

The head of competitive shooting programs at SIG SAUER Academy (one of the most respected shooting schools in the country), Mike has been active for years in the shooting sports as a high-level competitor, trainer, and organizer.  A past president of the Pioneer Sportsmen shooting club in Dunbarton, he owns New England Tactical (www.newenglandtactical.com ), a firearms training company that also sells guns and accessories, including holsters and flashlights.  Mike's articles have been published in national gun magazines.  He has not only competed in many shooting events, but has served as match director for New England regional shooting championship competitions in IDPA, USPSA, and Steel Challenge.   Since 2007, Mike has also been the match director of the annual Chaplain Emergency Relief Fund match, which has raised over $50,000.00 in support of New Hampshire’s military families.

PGNH founder retires from the organization

PGNH founder retires from the organization

[Posted Monday, September 8, 2014, at 1:35 a.m.]

Former NH State Representative the Honorable Elbert “Bick” Bicknell, the founder of Pro-Gun New Hampshire (PGNH) and president for the first four years of the organization, 2006 to 2010, has retired from his position on the Board of Directors. 

Bick served in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division (paratroops) during the Korean War.  His subsequent career included nine years as a NH state trooper and fifteen years as a municipal detective sergeant, plus time as a cross-country trucker and owner of a successful restaurant.  In 2003, as a state representative on the NH House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, he introduced New Hampshire’s landmark firearms preemption legislation, which brings all regulation of firearms and ammunition under the control of the state, nullifying all municipal and county ordinances and regulations concerning guns and ammunition.  A consummate public speaker with excellent knowledge of parliamentary procedure, his speech on the floor of the House overturned the committee’s negative recommendation and got the bill passed.  (The law is RSA 159:26 – amended in 2011 to include knives.)

Gun and knife show in Concord -- Saturday, September 13

[Posted Wednesday, September 3, 2014, at 2:05 p.m.]

Reminder: Fort Constitution Arms Collectors, Inc. (FCAC), the Pro-Gun New Hampshire affiliate organization, will hold its next semi-annual gun and knife show on Saturday, September 13, at the Bektash Shrine Center, 189 Pembroke Road, Concord.  Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  General public admission is only five dollars; admission is free for children under 12 with parent or guardian, and is free for FCAC members.  Food service will be available at the show.  See www.armscollectors.org for directions and other information.

Problems and misunderstanding about the new concealed carry application form

[Posted Thursday, August 7, 2014, at 7:00 p.m.]

By Sam Cohen, Pro-Gun New Hampshire Executive Vice President

The New Hampshire State Police, a division of the NH Department of Safety, recently published a new revision, dated 8/14, of the application form for a resident Pistol/Revolver License (concealed carry license); these forms are distributed statewide to all New Hampshire city and town police departments.  This revised form added the following new question, which must be answered yes or no: "Has any state or federal agency or licensing authority ever claimed that you are prohibited by law or regulation from possessing a firearm?"

"Sense of humor is a must"

[Posted Sunday, August 3, 2014, at 6:45 p.m.]

Thanks to PGNH Advisor Fran Wendelboe for calling attention to this gem:

The website indeed.com ("the #1 job site worldwide," according to its About page) has the following job posting for a "State Campaigns Manager " at Everytown for Gun Safety -- the latest Michael Bloomberg anti-gun propaganda machine. (Note the last line of the job description, with emphasis added.)  What if all PGNH members applied?

Hornady ammunition recall

[Posted Saturday, August 2, 2014, at 8:45 a.m.]

Hornady Mfg. Company has announced a recall of one specific lot of their 9mm+P Critical Duty™ 135-gr FlexLock® ammunition: Item number 90226 LOT # 3141635.  This recall applies only to that single lot.  (Both item number and lot number are printed on the box.)  This lot was shipped between the dates of 6-5-14 and 7-16-14.  See http://www.hornady.com .